No, Jon Snow, I am your father.

Alright George RR Martin fans, if you haven’t read all the books and don’t like having your life ruined, don’t read this!

We’re talking about who Jon’s parents are here.  In a pretty much says it all improper use of Werner Herzog’s feelings on the universe, to get to the bottom of who Jon’s parents are is a quest involving “not harmony, but chaos, hostility, and murder.”

(Now, SERIOUSLY, everything after the jump is Spoiler-City, and is also written taking for-granted that you’ve read all 5 of the ASOIF novels, because I don’t play much catch-up…)

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A 4th of July Welcome.

We’ve been doing the radio show, Videodrome Radio for a good, long chunk of time now.  Mr. Salamander’s been on it for eight years.  I’ve been on for six,  B.K. for four.  We’ve been wanting to start up a website for a good long chunk of time, too.   It’s gonna be a lot like what you’ve come to expect from the radio show.  Opinion more than newsbreaking.  We’ll leave the grunt work to the grunts, and then tell you how we feel about it.  There’ll be some new writers, and with that will come a bit of a shift in style.

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