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A 4th of July Welcome.

We’ve been doing the radio show, Videodrome Radio for a good, long chunk of time now.  Mr. Salamander’s been on it for eight years.  I’ve been on for six,  B.K. for four.  We’ve been wanting to start up a website for a good long chunk of time, too.   It’s gonna be a lot like what you’ve come to expect from the radio show.  Opinion more than newsbreaking.  We’ll leave the grunt work to the grunts, and then tell you how we feel about it.  There’ll be some new writers, and with that will come a bit of a shift in style.

When you sit down and talk about a movie on the radio, at least the way we do it, we talk off the cuff, with minor prep.  These aren’t prepared statements.  You’ll get no Siskel & Ebert style on the show.  Here things will be a little more thought out.  A little more to the point.  Usually, anyway.  For example, I went on a tirade about how I thought the knocks on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides were entirely unwarranted.  Well, some of them were, but it definitely not as bad as everyone says.  But, in the passion of a good rant, there’s no need for hemming and hawing, grammar and punctuation.   Things’ll be tighter, cleaner, and hopefully on occasion a little meaner.

And don’t forget, as I wrote in our review where we did not go to the Cannes film festival:  You can’t blame us.  We were never there.


2 responses to “A 4th of July Welcome.

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  2. jeffisrad

    Looking forward to reading more.
    Stay Rad,

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