No, Jon Snow, I am your father.

Alright George RR Martin fans, if you haven’t read all the books and don’t like having your life ruined, don’t read this!

We’re talking about who Jon’s parents are here.  In a pretty much says it all improper use of Werner Herzog’s feelings on the universe, to get to the bottom of who Jon’s parents are is a quest involving “not harmony, but chaos, hostility, and murder.”

(Now, SERIOUSLY, everything after the jump is Spoiler-City, and is also written taking for-granted that you’ve read all 5 of the ASOIF novels, because I don’t play much catch-up…)

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George Lucas is a Reverse-Stalin

Remember Joseph Stalin, the effed up dictator of the USSR from 1922-1952? He did a lot of messed up stuff, but one of his strong suits was covering it all up with really good propaganda.

Stalin loves kids. What a nice guy! I'll get to George Lucas in a minute. Bear with me.

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You have exactly ten minutes, Spider-Man.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the new Spider-Man trailer starring the guy who could barely act in The Social Network hit the internet today.  In the interest of interest I decided to give it a whirl, despite the fact that the franchise lost me at Spider-Man 2.

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Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women.

I love Jaws.  I rank it in my top 3 movies of all time (and it’s definitely the most watched).   I watch it every year on the 4th of July.  I make other people watch it, even if they aren’t interested.  I’ll talk about it whenever I can.  I’ve read four books about its production.¹   Inevitably, with a movie you’ve seen a lot, you lose sight of some of the details, cause you’re not always paying 100% attention.   It could be a mean game of Yatzhee, having to grill up some dogs, a phone call, or your sobriety level, but you miss a scene here an there.  The thing I love about Jaws is, no matter how much I’ve seen it, and how much information is locked away in some vault in my brain, every time I see it, I find something I have little or no recollection of ever having seen before.  Continue reading

A 4th of July Welcome.

We’ve been doing the radio show, Videodrome Radio for a good, long chunk of time now.  Mr. Salamander’s been on it for eight years.  I’ve been on for six,  B.K. for four.  We’ve been wanting to start up a website for a good long chunk of time, too.   It’s gonna be a lot like what you’ve come to expect from the radio show.  Opinion more than newsbreaking.  We’ll leave the grunt work to the grunts, and then tell you how we feel about it.  There’ll be some new writers, and with that will come a bit of a shift in style.

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